Ep 28 - Setting Your Prices and Working On Your Money Mindset with Mandyy Thomas

The one conversation that brings up the most fear, overwhelm and confusion is, time and time again, money! When it comes to setting up and managing your business finances, the first thing you might feel like doing is running for the hills.

In this episode Stephanie is chatting with Financial Coach and Nutritionist Mandyy Thomas all about how to look at your business finances in an empowering way. Mandyy shares her own story of how she was able to save $200k in her 20’s yet still had money mindset blocks that she had to work through.

The two talk about their own experiences in starting their businesses, setting their prices, and working on their own money mindset stories.

It’s time to talk money!
- What business expenses you need to be investing in and how to track them
- How to set your program prices and why you shouldn’t undercharge your clients
- Tips and tools for strengthening your money mindset


Show Notes

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Book Resources

“The Power of Broke” by Daymond John
“You are a Badass at Making Money” by Jen Sincero
“Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” by Kathrin Zenkina
“Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” by Denise Duffield-Thomas
“Your Infinite Power to Be Rich” by Joseph Murphy
“Profit First” by Mike Michalowisz

Affirmation Resource

Think Up App

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