Ep 27 - 3 Big Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Your Nutrition Business with Ashleigh Norris

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Want to avoid 3 big mistakes when starting your own nutrition business?

In this episode, Stephanie is chatting with Nutritionist, Ashleigh Norris from The Soulful Sprout, about the 3 biggest mistakes she made when growing her nutrition business. Ashleigh shares openly about her struggles with perfectionism, financial investments and trying to please everyone in her business! She also shares how she made her “mess” her message and turned her own health story into a connection point with her clients.

This down-to-earth conversation will have you nodding your head in agreeance as Ashleigh touches on some topics that all of us struggle with when we first get started.

Ashleigh digs into:
Mistake #1 - Worrying about making everything perfect before her first client
Mistake #2 - Putting her money in all the wrong places
Mistake #3 - Trying to be everything to everyone


Show Notes

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Check out these examples of the evolution of meal plans that Stephanie offered to her clients.

#1 - Meal Plan using Word. This is the version Stephanie first shared with her clients.

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#2 - Meal Plan using That Clean Life. Stephanie started offering these game-changing meal plans to her clients that they absolutely loved!

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Stephanie Long