Ep 30 - The Key to Signing Clients and Selling Out Your Programs

Episode 30 (1).png

It’s your worst nightmare - you’ve put together your programs, set your pricing, worked on your website and you finally made it to the finish line, ready to launch your nutrition biz.

You post online that your “doors are open!” just waiting for the clients to come charging in, needing your help.

You keep refreshing your Facebook & Instagram apps every 5 minutes to see if anyone commented or messaged you, but...crickets. Nothing. Nada!

Same thing happens when you promote your first workshop and you’re left with every single seat empty. You think to yourself “what am I doing wrong”?

Join Stephanie in this episode as she breaks down the #1 reason why you’re not signing clients or selling out your programs...and it might not be what you think!

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Stephanie Long