Ep. 19 - Why You Need to Be Using a Meal Planning Platform with That Clean Life

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One of the best ways we can support our nutrition clients throughout our time with them is by giving them frameworks to follow, and a meal plan is no exception! Think of a meal plan as a tangible framework that your client can follow to get results. 

In today's episode, Stephanie is talking with Customer Success Lead Ashley Sauve from That Clean Life about the importance of integrating meal plans into your nutrition business.

Ashley digs in and lets us know how you can leverage meal plans into your business to not only help your clients succeed, but help to bring more profit into your business too! She shares the top 3 ways you can integrate a meal planning platform into your business right away, including how to use them with your 1-1 and group program clients.

Stephanie also used That Clean Life in her own nutrition business with a ton of incredible results - better goal setting and positive feedback from each client!


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Stephanie Long