Ep. 13 - Content & Copywriting for Your Website & Blog with Krista Goncalves

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Ever wonder what you should be sharing online, putting on your website, and writing on your blog (or wondering if you even need a blog to begin with?) 

In this episode, Stephanie is chatting with Copywriter & Brand Strategist Krista Goncalves from Making Lemonade all about writing for your wellness business. 

They dig into what the difference is between content and copywriting, if it's necessary to have a blog and how to start one, what top pages you need to have your website and what to write on them, and how to consistently include call to actions (CTA's) in your marketing to attract new clients. 

Join Krista as she provides highly actionable and approachable ways to start writing for your wellness business right now! 


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Stephanie Long