Stephanie Long

You’ve done the hard work, got your nutrition business off the ground, but you’re still having trouble…

  • Bringing in enough consistent income every single month

  • Showing up online in an authentic way that feels good to you

  • Scheduling and organizing productive work days for yourself

  • Knowing what you need to focus on in order to scale your business

  • Converting potential clients into paying clients


I know how that inconsistency can feel!

After taking the better part of a year to set up the foundation for my own nutrition business, I wondered what my next steps would be to grow my business to the next level.

I had everything I needed in place: the website, the newsletter, social media channels, a client on-boarding system, a few paying clients…

It was all there - but for some reason, I wasn’t making the impact that I wanted to make and my bank account surely wasn’t reflecting all of the hard work that I was putting in.

So what was happening? In theory, I had “all of the things” in place but the needle wasn’t moving in my favour. I didn’t have a solid strategy in place to take me to the next level.

As soon as I started looking at all of the processes that I had in place and created a solid plan of action for myself, my business grew…a lot.

My income multiplied by 15x after my first year in business.

It looked like the new structures, marketing plans and processes that I put in place were working…


Imagine if in a few months…

  • You had a clear plan to bring in consistent income every month

  • You had direction and focus on what you needed to work on every day to scale your business

  • You knew what to share online and felt like you were converting your audience into paying clients

  • You were scaling this business to a place where you didn’t have to worry about if you’d need to go back to your old job

Are you ready to take action and start scaling your nutrition business now?

Let’s come up with a solid game plan to help you reach your first $5k month!

Before receiving coaching support from Stephanie, I was missing a solid strategy to start and grow my nutrition business. My work with Stephanie gave me the momentum I needed to get 100% committed to the growth of my business and now I am feeling SO much more confident with moving forward.

My schedule is now very structured and I know exactly which steps to take each day. During our time together, I built my signature program, held my very first workshop, guest blogged consistently, and I was even featured as a guest on a podcast.

Stephanie has a very gentle and genuine approach to coaching. Getting her feedback on every piece of content that I was creating was priceless! I very much enjoyed having her support and coaching throughout the program.
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Profitable Nutrition Biz
90-Day Private Coaching Program


DURING OUR TIME Together, we’ll…


  • Get super clear on your ideal client and learn how to speak to them

  • Understand how to show up online and be visible in an authentic way

  • Create a consistent brand message to share

  • Understand how to use social media to sell

  • Get a customized social media audit

build a
solid foundation

  • Put some next-level structures into place so that you’re beyond organized

  • Come up with a marketing and content calendar

  • Create weekly goals so that you that you have a consistent plan of action

  • Develop a CEO mindset and overcome any mindset blocks

next steps

  • Map out your big business visions

  • Learn how to run high-converting sales calls

  • Create a launch plan for bringing in your first $5k month

  • Map out your program launches


At the end of 90 days, you’ll have:

Complete clarity on how to take your nutrition business to the next level

A marketing plan and brand messaging to help you
grow your online presence

Next-level structures in place to help you run an ultra-organized biz

A CEO mindset to help you scale

A plan of action to help you bring in consistent income and
hit your first $5k month


you’ll receive:

  • Welcome Package Workbook to get clear on where you need the most support during our time

  • Program workbooks to help you put your ideas into action

  • Access to all of my nutrition documents & client forms for you to use as your own

  • Access to my complete video tech training library and coaching video library

Our time TOGETHER includes:

  • 10 x 60 minute private coaching calls
    — recorded for lifetime access

  • Editing and writing support throughout the 90 days
    — website, marketing materials & social media posts

  • Email and messenger support so you have access to me between our sessions

  • Feedback and brainstorming on everything created during our time together

  • Bonus: Lifetime access to the Confident Client Sessions Course and Launch Your Nutrition Biz Program Materials ($1000+ value)



$1100/month X 3



Stephanie truly listens to you and help you realize your potential to conquer whatever you set your mind to. She helped me gain confidence in my vision, even when I didn’t think it was viable.

She’s been my champion and has believed in me even when I haven’t believed in myself. I am grateful and blessed to have her as a mentor and coach. 
— Melanie, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant
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