Picture this...

It’s graduation day and finally all of the hard work that you’ve done over the last year is starting to pay off, as you’ll finally receive your nutrition certification and be able to step into your new career as a Holistic Nutritionist!

As the excitement and joy starts to wear off, a list of never-ending thoughts and “to-do’s” takes its place and starts running through your head 24/7, sounding like the following:

  • What are the next steps that I need to take? I don’t even know where to start!
  • Do I even know enough to be seeing clients? What if a client asks me something that I don’t know the answer to (and they think I’m a fraud)?
  • How much information do I give to my clients? If I give them too much will I scare them away and if I don’t give them enough will they come back to see me?
  • What are the legal things I need to do to set up my business?
  • Everything feels so overwhelming! I feel like I’m working on my business every day without actually making any real progress on it.

Sound familiar?


If you’re anything like I was, you’re probably feeling pretty stuck right now and don’t know what steps you need to take to get things moving. You wish someone would give you step-by-step guidance on what needs to get done, so that you can start checking things off of the “to-do” list that has been running through your head for weeks! You desire simplicity around the whole process so that you don’t give up before you’ve even started. I totally get this and wish I had these resources too!

Are you ready to simplify the business start-up process so that you can finally step into your new career, start seeing clients and make some money?

Introducing the...


A self-guided online program that walks you through how to set up your nutrition business, step-by-step. Through targeted modules, video coaching and workbooks, I’ll be teaching you the same techniques that I used to simplify my own client processes, coach confidently, clarify my business vision, and get all of my “to-do” list checked off!

What You'll Get

Step-by-Step Guidance
100% Online Training Portal - Move at Your Own Pace!
Over 25 Coaching Videos
More than 30 Downloadable Workbooks, Handouts and Guides
Customizable Templates for Your Business
Examples of Client Health Plans, Handouts and More
Private Facebook Group Support
BONUS: Q & A Videos with Industry Experts

What You'll Create

Business Details
Get Your Business Name, Insurance and Other Providers Set-Up
Client On-Boarding Process
Create a Welcome Email, Set-Up Booking & Payment Services and Get Your Offerings Set-Up
Business Clarity and Vision
Understand Your Audience and Their Needs
Client Session Confidence
Create Client Health Plans and Learn How to Effectively Coach Your Clients
Customizable Forms
Get Ready-to-Use and Customizable Client Intake Forms, Client Contract, Welcome Email and Client Invoices
Workshop Offerings
Create an Outline for Your First Workshop



Intention Setting - understand your personal story and "big why"
Mastering Your Mindset - learn how to overcome any mindset obstacles that may surface


Building Your Community - explore what type of audience you want to work with
Client Attraction - learn how to attract your ideal audience and bring in more clients


Business Set-Up - learn how to set up all of your business essentials
Business Name Registration - how to choose your business name and legally register it
Home-Based Business License - learn when and if you need this license to run your business
Insurance - how to obtain insurance so that you're covered in case of emergency
Website Domain - learn how to set up your website domain address
Email - how to create a professional email or decide between a paid or free version
Newsletter Provider - understand why you need a newsletter and which provider to use
Where to Work - Learn about different options for locations to run your business (including low cost and free options!)



Client Intake Forms - which forms to use with your clients and additional Q's you'll want to add
Client Contract - learn why you 100% need one and what to include on it
Welcome Email - learn how to on-board a client and how to welcome a client in
Invoicing & Expenses - create a process for charging your clients and keeping track of your expenses


Building Your Offerings - learn how to create your client programs & packages and basics for pricing
Client Health Plans - understand the basics of building a plan and see examples of real plans
Coaching Your Client - learn techniques for coaching your clients with confidence
Handouts - see examples of real client handouts and tips for creating your own
Meal Planning - learn about free & paid options for creating your client's meal plans


Marketing Basics - learn what needs to be included on your website, a step-by-step guide in setting up your first newsletter email, and tips on social media
Other Profitable Opportunities - discover other ways to create profit in your business and bring in more clientele
Business Resources - learn how to grow your business with other resources, training programs and book recommendations


Building a Client Health Plan - learn how to break down a client health plan so that your client will implement your recommendations


Workshops 101 - learn how to choose, set-up and deliver your first few workshop offerings



One year access to the Nutrition Business Building Program

One time payment of $347
(or 2 payments of $198)


Hear what others are saying about the Nutrition Business Building Program!

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I loved my nutrition education but after taking the Nutrition Business Building Program, I realize that my education left a few missing pieces. I felt lost after I graduated, with many dreams in mind but little understanding of how to actually begin and maintain a business. Stephanie breaks starting a business down into simple, practical steps to follow.

She also offers a lot of information that I didn't receive in my nutrition education. This program has made me feel entirely supported, encouraged and capable of beginning my business as a Holistic Nutritionist. It is a great tool for new graduates or those struggling to get themselves going. It has been well worth the investment for me and I have no doubt that it would be for you as well.

- Madison A., (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)

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Being a part of the Nutrition Business Building Program with Stephanie has been life changing for me! It has been an absolute asset for my business. The program is a must have learning experience with so much information covered throughout the program. All of my questions about my business have been answered as well. For someone just starting out, I was lost before the program and now I'm completely on track and booking clients with ease. Stephanie is a fabulous mentor and my experience with her has been absolutely positive!

- Flo F., (Holistic Nutritionist)