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Before receiving coaching support from Stephanie, I was missing a solid strategy to start and grow my nutrition business. My work with Stephanie gave me the momentum I needed to get 100% committed to the growth of my business and now I am feeling SO much more confident with moving forward. My schedule is now very structured and I know exactly which steps to take each day. During our time together, I built my signature program, held my very first workshop, guest blogged consistently, and I was even featured as a guest on a podcast.

Stephanie has a very gentle and genuine approach to coaching. Getting her feedback on every piece of content that I was creating was priceless! I very much enjoyed having her support and coaching throughout the program.
— Laura (Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach)

Stephanie has the most incredible ability to truly listen to you and make you feel like you have the potential to conquer whatever you set your mind to.

She has helped me gain clarity in my vision for my business, even when I didn’t think that my vision was viable. She takes what you say and sees the heart behind it, and has the gift of seeing the potential in it and giving a voice to your vision.

Stephanie has been my champion and has believed in me even when I haven’t believed in myself. I am grateful and blessed to have her as a mentor and coach. 
— Melanie (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant)

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I cannot say enough good things about working with Stephanie!

She makes setting up your business so straight forward and makes the whole process feel calm, instead of confusing and overwhelming. She not only helped me with the logistics of setting up my business, but she completely changed my mindset. I used to second guess myself constantly but now I feel so confident about my business and coaching clients.

I even signed on my first client while working with Stephanie all thanks to her process and support! The best part is that I finally feel like I have a clear vision of where I want my business to go and have the confidence and tools to get it there.
— Carrie (Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Food Freedom Coach)

I felt so lost before I signed up for Private Coaching with Stephanie! I didn’t know what steps I needed to take to start up my business, so I am so glad I found her coaching services.

She was always quick to answer messages and emails and was very creative in offering advice and ideas. She helped me set attainable goals each week to move my business forward. By the end of our coaching I had a more clear idea of what direction I wanted to go in and who I wanted to work with.

Stephanie helped me to understand that everything doesn’t have to be perfect, but the most important thing is to trust in yourself and dive in!
— Erin (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant & Food Allergy Coach)

I signed up for Private Coaching with Stephanie the last month of school to start building my nutrition business from the ground up. It was a no-brainer! Especially since she had been exactly where I was at some point and was now going to guide me through my own experience.

Stephanie gave me the accountability I needed to see it through to the end as I am one of those people that starts “projects” and has trouble being consistent about finishing them. Our sessions were so enjoyable and informative! After each coaching session I felt so motivated to work on building my business as soon as possible because I was so inspired by the ideas we would bounce back and forth.

Thanks to Stephanie I completed my nutrition business set up. My website is up and running and I feel confident in managing it, I had my first nutrition client consultation, and I feel more clear on my vision for my business than ever!

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Working with Stephanie far exceeded my expectations!

Starting up your own nutrition business, as many will know, can be a lonely and confusing journey - we tend to get overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks that need to be done, which keeps us standing still, feeling frustrated and getting absolutely nowhere.

Stephanie helped to clear the fog by guiding and supporting me with actionable steps, encouragement and the tools I need to confidently start up my holistic nutrition practice and start seeing clients!

I am deeply grateful for her work and I cannot wait to learn more from her!
— Jessica (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant & Skin Care Coach)

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I am feeling very confident about going forward in my business now that I have completed the Mini-Mastermind Business Course with Stephanie. When I saw the opportunity, I knew it was for me!

I am still surprised at how many useful tools were packed into the program. I’ve learned much more than I expected!

Stephanie is a very personable and knowledgeable teacher. She shows consideration and care in her program and demonstrates what it means to be a leader in this field. I am looking forward to using the skills I have learned when I have completed school!
— Shelly (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant)

Having the opportunity to meet 1 : 1 with Stephanie for business coaching was an amazing opportunity! She is so genuine, encouraging and is able to provide great clarity on where to start.  I encourage anyone looking for support in polishing their business vision to book time with her. Thanks so much Stephanie!
— Joanna (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant)

As a recent graduate, Stephanie has been so helpful along the way. She has given me tools to start my business and work one on one with clients. After working with Stephanie, she has given me the confidence I need to run my business. Thank you so much Stephanie for your support!
— Josselyn (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant)

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I’ve just finished working with Stephanie 1-1 as my business coach. Every session that we had helped me focus and I am constantly in awe of the amazing ideas that flow from her.

Stephanie has an instinctual knack of knowing where I need the most guidance and inspiration. Her flexibility and openness also really fit my personality and brand.
— Krystal (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant & Self-Care Expert)

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I loved my nutrition education but after taking the Nutrition Business Building Program, I realize that my education left a few missing pieces.

I felt lost after I graduated, with many dreams in mind but little understanding of how to actually begin and maintain a business. Stephanie breaks starting a business down into simple, practical steps to follow. She also offers a lot of information that I didn’t receive in my nutrition education.

This program has made me feel entirely supported, encouraged and capable of beginning my business as a Holistic Nutritionist.

It is a great tool for new graduates or those struggling to get themselves going. It has been well worth the investment for me and I have no doubt that it would be for you as well.
— Madison (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)

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Being a part of the Nutrition Business Building Program with Stephanie has been life changing for me! 

It has been an absolute asset for my business. The program is a must have learning experience with so much information covered throughout the program. All of my questions about my business have been answered as well. For someone just starting out, I was lost before the program and now I’m completely on track and booking clients with ease. 

Stephanie is a fabulous mentor and my experience with her has been absolutely positive!
— Flo (Holistic Nutritionist)

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I want to thank you so much Stephanie for all of the information you provided in your workshop. All of the information I learned will be very helpful once school is over. I found the workshop to be very informative. There is a lot to consider when starting a business, but I can definitely see the value in all of the information shared and the workshop answered a lot of questions that I had about running a business.
— Heidi (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant & Personal Chef)

Stephanie teaches an amazing business workshop, I highly recommend attending if you are anyone in the health field wanting to set up a business for yourself. She talks you through what you need to set up in regards to your business for the legal side of things, ideal client, branding, social media, forms and more. She shares very valuable specific resources and gives you a list of items that need to be done so you don’t forget or overlook something.

Stephanie provides you with a path so you can keep focused and save time, energy and money as you build your business. Her workshop was definitely of great value and I am so thankful she put it together to share with others! Thank you Stephanie!
— Mandyy (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant & Financial Coach)